This morning, I read an AP article about Donald Trump’s business and spiritual advisers pushing him to declare everything hunky dory with COVID-19 in time for Easter. God forbid that American church leaders and evangelists miss out on one of their biggest paydays of the year!

Trump evangelical adviser, Johnnie Moore, even went as far as to say, “And it was very clear in hearing him [Trump] speak that not only is there an end to this, but when we do win it, we’re going to have a celebration, and that celebration will partly include gratitude to God.”

To that I say: what absolute bullshit! God had his chance to end the COVID-19 pandemic when Trump held a National Day of Prayer on March 15. Instead, on the following day, America had its biggest day to-date of COVID-19 deaths. Obviously, God either doesn’t exist, is powerless to stop COVID-19, or doesn’t give a shit. Therefore, when COVID-19 is defeated, 100 percent of the credit and gratitude must go to the scientists and the doctors who actually did the work.