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Trump and his pathetic search for an adoring crowd

How insecure is Donald Trump? For the vast majority of his führership, he has hidden from everyday Americans and only made public appearances at his cult rallies, where he knows he can say anything and be worshipped.

Then, during the World Series, Little Boy Trumpy got brave and showed up at a game, where he was booed loudly and people chanted “lock him up!” So what does the pathetic bedbug do? He goes to a UFC fight, where he believes the mostly male crowd will support him. But even there, the boos were louder than the cheers.

Poor Little Boy Trumpy must only have true devotion! Surely there exists someplace other than his cult rallies where people love him.

Finally! After a massive search, the most insecure humanoid in world history found an adoring crowd at the Alabama vs. LSU college football game in Redneckville. Yes, people in the Deep South still love Trumpy as much as they love Robert E. Lee.

What is more pathetic: that Little Boy Trumpy had to go shopping for a positive public appearance to sooth his insecurity or that a crowd cheering him actually made national and international news?

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