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F*ck, f*cking guns!

Three people were shot at the Minnesota State Fair last night. Having lived much of my life in Minnesota, I’ve been to that fair many times. Never once did I think, “Oh, I wonder if there will be a shooting while I’m there?” But now, such a thought enters the minds of millions of Americans attending public events: “I wonder if there will be a shooting where I’m going?”

F*ck guns! F*ck the NRA! F*ck Republicans! F*ck the misinterpreted Second F*cking Amendment! Obviously a significant number of Americans have not evolved enough to handle guns responsibly. F*ck ‘em all! It’s time to take their f*cking guns away. Or at least follow the examples of Australia and the UK and make guns f*cking difficult to acquire.

*This message has been brought to you by the word f*ck. We’d spell it out for you, but ammosexuals needed the vowel to replace the one that became dislodged from the gun they sat on to f*ck themselves.

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