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Appreciating the Amazon Rainforest, Pt 4

Marty’s photo of the day #2994: The Amazon Rainforest is burning, and while the Amazon has experienced major fires before, I can’t help wondering how much greedy right-wing politicians and nearly 40 years of climate change denial have contributed to the devastation. With that in mind, this week I’m featuring photos I’ve taken of animals in the Amazon Rainforest—because there are some things money can’t buy!

This is one of the tame blue-and-yellow macaws that hung out at the Madre Selva Biological Station, deep in the Amazon Rainforest. So technically, it’s a cheat shot. But back when I took this, I was still shooting with film, and it was much more efficient to capture an image of a still macaw than to go through rolls of film hoping to get a lucky picture of a flying macaw flickering in and out of view between trees.

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