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Our Secret Spot

Marty’s photo of the day #2941: Deb and I moved to Montana in 1996, partly because we enjoyed being able to hike almost anywhere and not see a single person. That’s changed over the years—especially in the summer—and now it’s difficult to find a trailhead parking lot without numerous cars. Fortunately, many years ago Deb and I discovered a place that we simply call “Our Secret Spot.” In all the times we’ve visited Our Secret Spot we’ve never encountered another human. We will never divulge where the spot is, other than to say it’s roughly a 15 minute drive from our house.

Yesterday, we hiked to the end of the trail (a 90 minute hike). We had always stopped a little before the very end, because the trail deceived us with some overgrowth. But when we pushed through, we ended up at a beautiful deep canyon, which I won’t name. In all it was a wonderful day—and not once did we think about Donald Trump and his outrageously wasteful and expensive military parade.

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