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Honor our soldiers . . . by cutting military funding

Quick! Name one war following World War II, where you can say, “I’m so glad we fought that one! A lot of people died, but it was worth it.”

So as America honors those who died in service of our country, perhaps the best way to honor them is to repurpose the military for its original goal: defense. The United States spends more on its military than the next nine most-powerful countries combined. How about we cut that budget in half? We will still have the most well-funded military in the world. Aside from reducing the temptation to use our bloated military for offense, we can take the money we saved, give injured soldiers the very best medical attention, and put the left over funds toward green energy. Why green energy? As our own military has acknowledged, future wars will be fought over land and resources, as desperate nations deal with the devastation from global warming. Let’s be proactive and keep our soldiers of the future alive!

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