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Is Christianity as a force for good dead in America?

Initially my Time Is Irreverent series of novels, where most of the villains are Christians, was a controversial concept. How quickly things have changed. Even after Donald Trump has proven himself to be an unstable, greedy, self-serving, lying, treasonous, hateful, bigoted, criminal, cheating, evil, sack of dung beetle diarrhea, he still has solid Christian support. Over the weekend, Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University—one of the largest Christian Universities in the world—tweeted that Trump should get two years added to his term because of the “failed coup” of the Mueller investigation. Despite not even understanding the definition of “coup,” millions of Christians are right in line with Falwell’s tweet. Yes, Christianity as a force for good is for all intents and purposes dead in America. Yes, I know all Christians aren’t that way, and many would say Falwell and his ilk aren’t Christian. But no religion can claim purity by simply kicking assholes out of their club. What they can do, however, is actively speak out and attempt to influence their own.

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