By making Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez their latest supervillain, the Republicans are unwittingly doing her a favor. She’s already more well-known than many who have served in congress for 30 or more years. I watched the Ocasio-Cortez interview on 60 Minutes last night, and she was poised and intelligent. She’s also on the correct side of the vast majority of issues.

This morning’s right-wing Mallard Fillmore comic strip shows just how low in the gutter Republicans will go to attack her. The comic’s text reads like this: “Mallard’s 2019 New-Years Prediction #9: Unclear of the concept, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will ask to chair the House Un-American Activities Committee.”

Yes, Bruce Tinsley, the Republican Cult Cartoonist, just called Ocasio-Cortez “Un-American,” because he disagrees with her ideas (and she’s a bright, dark skinned woman, whose father is from the “communist country” of Puerto Rico).

Bruce Tinsley does a great job of representing today’s Republican Cult, using alternative facts to attack people he disagrees with. Once, after getting arrested twice in the same year for driving intoxicated, Tinsley even used his comic strip to attack the sentencing judge. What a great “American” he is!

So whether it’s Tinsley, Trump, or some other Republican cultist trying to get attention by attacking Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, they should be very afraid. By the time this is all over, she will have ripped off their tiny bigoted white balls and fed them to the rats.