Marty’s photo of the day #2741: Greetings from Venice, Italy! It’s the end of a delightful day here in Venice. Deb and I just spent the last few hours having dinner (Where we met a delightful couple from England and Scotland—who were quite understanding that we were honorary Canadians until Donald Trump is out of office.) and then walked the streets in the dark. I can’t think of many cities like this, where you can walk down a narrow dark alleyway and feel perfectly safe.

Tomorrow we do the “work” portion of our trip, as Deb is visiting an ancient velvet weaving workshop, to write an article for Handwoven Magazine, and I will be doing the photography for her story. Tax write-off! Also, I’m scouting out places for Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon to visit in “Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone For 16 Seconds.” Double tax write-off!

That’s all for now. Deb has opened a bottle of fine Italian wine and has a gained a head start on me, while I’m posting this. I must catch up!