For the next week, Deb is on a huge cruise ship, heading for Mexico, and I’m home alone. My wife, being the big weaver-lebrity she is, is one of the featured speakers/teachers on a “Weaving at Sea Cruise.” She invited me to come along, but being on a ship with two thousand other people just isn’t my style. Instead, I’ll spend my time writing and stream a few concerts she’s not interested in.

Before Deb left, the two of us stopped at the grocery store to pick up supplies, so I wouldn’t starve. When she saw me grab a bunch of bananas, she chuckled and said, “Oh, you just want to make banana bread while I’m gone, so you don’t have to share!”

I hadn’t thought of that, but now that she mentioned it. . . . And it is just about the only food I know how to cook from scratch. Of course, I hadn’t thought about Martyman either. He likes banana bread as much as I do. I just wish he would have waited until I cut him a slice.