Marty’s photo of the day #2708: There’s only one thing Tiny Trump wants more than dating Ivanka Trump, being best buddies with Kim Jong-un, golden showering with Vladimir Putin, and making women and minorities second class citizens—that’s defeating Montana’s Democratic Senator Jon Tester.

Okay, maybe he wants to date Ivanka and shower with Vladimir a little more, but work with me here. Montana has such a small population that presidents rarely visit it. Yet because of Tiny’s vendetta against Tester, he has traveled to Montana four times to rile up his cult. Tiny has also sent Mike Pence here three times and Donald Trump Jr. more times than a cultist can chant “lock her up!” So if you’re a Montana resident, the best thing you can do for your country today is to get to the polls (if you haven’t already) and vote for the honorable man in this photo. Believe me, when Tiny Trump watches the election returns tonight, it’s the Jon Tester vs. Matt “Little Trump” Rosendale race that will grab his attention more than any other. And then, if Tester wins, Tiny will whine and cry like the pathetic loser he is. Won’t that be fun?