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Traitors to their own.

An article in today’s Missoulian features the president of the Lewis & Clark Republican Women’s club all giddy because the Matt Kavanaugh hearing invigorated her cult. Yes, the club’s membership of creepy white women has actually grown.

How sad that Christine Blasey Ford—terrified but brave, forced out of her house because of death threats, and testifying out of a sense of civic duty—gives Republican women extra incentive to vote GOP. Because, you know, they can’t have yet another of their right-wing sexual predators treated unfairly.

Do these Republican women understand that pussy grabbers and rapists don’t stop first to ask what political party their victims support? Do these Republican women realize that they are telling the daughters and granddaughters of Republican parents that they are supposed to just take it and shut up?

History is filled with traitors to their own: Jews who helped Hitler, Blacks who oppose the 13th Amendment, and, of course, white women who adore angry sexual predators like Trump and Kavanaugh.

After the last election, I will never trust the polls again. But one thing is for sure: the November 6th election will be a referendum on the soul and sanity of the American people.

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