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Damn me from the past!

Marty’s photo of the day #2685: I try to avoid posting the same photo twice, but sometimes I forget. This morning I was going through my Borneo photos and came across this frog. I did a little sharpening and a little cropping but couldn’t remember the species name. I have several identification books, but since I photographed this frog while backpacking deep in Borneo’s rainforest, I thought I’d have better luck using the internet instead. I Googled “Borneo Green Tree Frog” and clicked “Images.” I scrolled down to the third row and found the perfect match. Oh, and the frog was in the exact same pose as well. Obviously the shot was taken by a highly skilled photographer! I clicked the image, and as you’ve certainly guessed, it was taken by me. I read the text. “This is an unidentified green tree frog . . .”

Damn me from the past! I should have done better research the first time I posted. Okay, this time I put more effort into it. I’m 90 percent sure this is a black-spotted rock frog.


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