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Who is the evil genius?

Every arch-criminal organization has an evil genius, but finding one in the Trump Administration is difficult:

Donald Trump: Evil, but too incompetent to out-perform a lab rat in a simple test.

Mike Pence: Evil yes, but how smart do you have to be when after each dastardly deed you simply say, “Jesus personally told me to do it,” and your cultist followers enthusiastically nod in agreement.

Rudy Giuliani: As evil as they come, but as Wednesday’s Fox News interview proved, he’s also as stupid as they come.

Scott Pruitt: Evil enough to poison paradise for corporate profits, yet smart enough to get taxpayers to pay for installing a Cone of Silence in his office.

Okay, I’m declaring EPA Chief Scott Pruitt the Trump Administration’s official evil genius. Oh, God! As I’m typing this, he’s dumping arsenic into a mother’s well, “on principle,” because she had the audacity to tell her son to clean his room!

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