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Today the Fox News’ talking point is . . .

Without even having to watch, it’s easy to tell what the current talking points are on Fox News. Yesterday, a letter in my local newspaper from a Republican called the Democrats shameful and unpatriotic for not applauding Trump at the appropriate times during the State of the Union Address. Today, Crybaby Donald took that message one step further and suggested that not applauding was both un-American and treasonous.
What’s with these people? Haven’t they ever watched a State of the Union Address before? Not applauding is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of SOTUAs. And how convenient of them to forget Republican Joe Wilson interrupting President Obama by shouting “You lie!”
Of course, I actually do know what’s wrong with these people: Donald Trump hasn’t mentally evolved beyond the age of six, his followers are hopeless cultists, and Fox News evilly manipulates them both, putting their profits above country.

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