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Hollywood actor to narrate Time Is Irreverent

I’m busy working behind the scenes, preparing for the March 1st release of Time Is Irreverent. There are so many exciting things happening that I can’t yet reveal. One of them is the audiobook version of the novel.

My two previous books were nonfiction and photo-intensive. Books with lots of photos are poor candidates for audiobooks. Novels, on the other hand, are ideal—and audiobooks are hot! Rather than read Time Is Irreverent myself, I wanted to get an actual actor to do the reading. Yesterday, I received an email from an actor who loves the book and wants the job. He’s not super-famous, but he’s been in multiple movies and is currently a regular on a popular network television drama.

I’m so geeked about this get! He’s an incredible talent and is perfect for the part. Sorry, I can’t tell you his name . . . just yet.


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