Marty’s photo of the day #2391: Because of my frequent liberal posts, I have agreed to be fair to the other side and let the Republican Jesus have today’s post:

“Hello Alabamans! Republican Jesus here. Thirteen months ago people just like you helped elect Donald Trump, a man who bragged about grabbing pussy without permission and walking in on Miss Teen USA contestants while they were changing. Then my followers in Montana elected Greg Gianforte, a man who body slammed a reporter, to the US House of Representatives. Now Republican-Christians (Democratic-Christians are oxymorons. Ha! That’s why we call them Libtards.) are depending on you to complete the trifecta and elect a man who is spry enough to keep up with 14-year-olds. All Republican sins are instantly forgiven by me, so don’t fret, and give teenage U.S. Senate pages the opportunity of a lifetime. Vote for Roy Moore today!”