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May the Yankees be the bat and the Twins be the boa!

Marty’s photo of the day #2325: Today’s photo is of a Puerto Rican boa constricting a bat. When I was in Puerto Rico, working on my second book, Endangered Edens, Deb and I hiked out to a cave to watch this amazing feat of nature. Puerto Rican boas hung by their tails and plucked the bats right out of the air!

Today’s photo is also a metaphor for tonight’s wildcard baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees. Deb and I have had so much fun watching the Twins become the first team ever to make the playoffs after losing more than 100 games the previous year. Coincidentally, the Twins have more Puerto Rican players than any other major league team: Eddie Rosario, José Berríos, and Kennys Vargas. So, obviously, the entire island of Puerto Rico will be pulling for the Twins tonight. They may not have the electricity to actually watch the game on TV, but word will get around. May the Yankees be the bat and the Twins be the boa!

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