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Have you ever had a dream where . . .

Greetings from the New Orleans International Airport! Have you ever had a dream where you stand up in an auditorium to give a speech and have no idea what you are going to say? I had close to that today at South Louisiana Community College. I was booked to present back-to-back performances of “Around the World in 50 Minutes” in the Devalcourt Auditorium. After the first show ended, I expected the audience to leave and a new audience to enter. Instead, everyone stayed! The change-over was maybe five people. My show is funny and interesting, but I couldn’t give the audience the same show all over again. Could I?
Thank Zeus—I have been performing at colleges for eleven years. Without that experience, I would have froze. Instead, I loaded the long version of my show, “Around the World in 90 Minutes,” and performed the theatrical and comical stories that had been omitted in the short version of the show. I also improvised when repeat photos came up and told stories I had never told before. So everything worked out just fine.
Have you ever had a dream where you stand up in an auditorium to give a speech and look down and realize you are naked? Well, let me tell you about that. . . .

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