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Our 25-acre refuge from gunfire

Marty’s photo of the day #2311: Deb and I keep the 25 acres we own around our house as natural as possible. Our goal is to give the animals a safe spot they can come to—especially during the fall hunting season, when we are surrounded by gunfire. Each year the wildlife we see changes. One year we had five bears, we could recognize, living on our property. This year I can recognize two bears, but there may be more. We also have at least two moose—a mother and a baby—as well as elk, wild turkeys, and countless deer.

Great horned owls dominate 2017, however. Getting a count on the owls is difficult, as they are more mobile and harder to tell apart than the other animals. For sure we have four on or near our property, but there are likely more. Today’s great horned owl photo is from last night. Deb and I spotted him/her on our evening walk. I hurried back to the house, grabbed my camera and telephoto lens, and was lucky enough to spy the owl flying between trees before landing and making this shot possible.

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