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Use this to avoid ship collisions

Marty’s photo of the day #2285: For yesterday’s photo of the day, I posted a picture showing the incredible view from the bridge of the Professor Multanovskiy—the retrofitted Russian research vessel I sailed to Antarctica on. Today’s photo shows one of the two navigation screens on the bridge of the Professor Multanovskiy. The few times other ships were in the area, I could plainly see them on the screens. This ship was old, and even its updated navigation technology was ancient by today’s standards.
With that in mind, imagine the advanced technology on the USS John S. McCain. Had the Multanovskiy been in the same waters as the McCain, I would have had total confidence that our captain could have navigated without colliding with an oil tanker that was longer than a football field. Aside from the tragic loss of life on the McCain, what upsets me is that the reason for the crash has to be either gross incompetence or the failure of some of the most expensive and advanced navigating equipment the world has ever seen. Perhaps that’s something Congress should think about before handing over billions of our tax dollars for new military toys, without blinking an eye.
And if you are wondering what you are seeing on this screen, it is the oddly-shaped Deception Island.

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