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The silver lining to the Trump presidency

What is the silver lining to the Trump presidency? Religion—especially the Evangelical sect—has lost all credibility and moral authority in American politics. I have nothing against religion, as long as it’s not used as a sledgehammer to make laws and take away the freedoms of others.

I also object to religious organizations getting tax deductions. My father died penniless in large part because the evangelical bastards bled him dry. Even when I had to send my father money for basic necessities, at the very end, he was ready to turn around and give 10% of what I gave him to Pat Robertson or some other evangelical leech. So these money grabbing slime balls not only take advantage of the elderly, they also get a tax deduction while doing it!

As for politics, evangelist Ralph Reed is busy on the talk show circuit defending Donald Trump and his vile behavior. And who would think that rich business leaders would be morally superior to Christian leaders? Well, this week both of Trump’s business councils dissolved because of the mass exodus of members who could no longer stomach being associated with a man who equated pro-white supremacy rioters with anti-white supremacy protesters. As for Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board? Not a single member has resigned!

Yes, there are individual Christians who are wonderful, caring, generous people. My beef isn’t with them. Instead, it’s the greedy bloodsucking Christian organizations and their mega churches and television shows that need to be scorned, forced to pay taxes, and marginalized into what they truly are: con men and women who abuse the simple-minded and the elderly. Truly, people like Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson need to be locked up—perhaps in a cell adjacent to Donald Trump.

And, perhaps, America will finally wake up to the fact that religion should have no place in the forming of our laws and legal decisions. By their unwavering support of Trump, the business of Christianity has proven that money and power—not their god—are all that really matter to them.

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