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Right-Wingers: Just be consistent!

Because I write liberal newspaper guest columns, right-wingers frequently criticize me in follow-up letters to the editor. I don’t have a problem with their letters. After all, I got to say my side; it’s only fair they get to respond.

That being said, I find it amusing that by far their most frequent criticism of me is that I am an “intellectual elite,” or some variation of that. I don’t understand that kind of thinking. What could be more naïve than encouraging others to dismiss me because I’m too smart? Haven’t these right-wingers advanced beyond their junior high bullying days, when they made fun of anyone who got an “A”? (That was a rhetorical question.)

Since these right-wingers think smart people are not to be trusted, all I ask is that they be consistent. The next time any of them need major medical assistance—whether it be heart surgery, an illness diagnosis, or a rectal-head extraction—they must search out and utilize only doctors who finished in the lower 10 percent of their graduating class. If they do that, they’ll get no criticism from me.

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