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Can we end this mad military experiment once and for all?

For the second time in two months a Navy warship has collided with a civilian vessel, losing more lives. Let’s see: the United States spends more on its military than the next seven highest-spending countries combined, yet we can’t win a war and Navy captains steer their ships with the dexterity of a drunk sea slug.

Can we end this mad military experiment once and for all? I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a military, just that money obviously isn’t the answer. Imagine what we could do if we only spent one dollar more than the next highest spending country? We’d still have the most expensive military in the world and the same win percentage, but if we took the money we saved and spent it wisely, we could also give everyone a college education and give everyone first class universal health care. Wouldn’t that be closer to the American dream than a bloated military that has bases in countless countries you’ve never even heard of?

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