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Slow terrorists

Marty’s photo of the day #2257: No, Donald Trump did not confuse the nuclear codes with Twitter (at least not yet). This is one of two major fires Deb and I could see Sunday evening from our secret spot in the mountains, five miles from our house. Fire season is here, and it comes earlier every year. While not every fire is caused by global warming, there is no doubt at all that it is the reason Montana’s fire season is two months longer than it used to be.
Nevertheless, Republicans continue to deny that global warming exists. But then, if they didn’t do that, the “party of personal responsibility,” would have to take the blame for more than 30 years of fighting progress that would have slowed or stopped global warming.
Right now, the biggest fire in Montana is the Lodgepole Fire on the eastern side of the state, where the vast majority of people vote Republican. That fire is not a tree fire, as the landscape there is mostly grass and scrub. Even so, Republicans are already writing newspapers, blaming environmentalists for Montana’s fire season, because they “keep the loggers out of the forest.”
A letter to the editor in today’s Missoulian is typical of what appears in Montana’s papers every fire season. After berating environmentalists, the writer concludes with this: “God save us all; at least those of us who still support the Christian religion.”
Whether it’s blocking environmental progress or ripping people’s health care away, these right-wingers make me sick. I have a new name for them: slow terrorists. They may not kill as fast a Saudi Arabian terrorist flying into a building, but they kill just the same.

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