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Paddy Flat Cabin

Marty’s photo of the day #2249: Other than the X, Blondie, and Garbage concert, the other half of Deb’s and my weekend was a stay at the Paddy Flat Forest Service Cabin (2 hours north of Boise). This cabin was a converted guard station, with a history going back to the 1920s. Most of the Forest Service cabins we rent are primitive log cabins. This one actually had running water and a generator (which we only used briefly).
We saw lots of birds and tons of range cows. In fact, a few hours after I took this photo a herd of about 40 cows took over our yard. The best part for Deb and me was just taking some time to relax without the guilt. When we are home, we have so many projects going on (Deb with her weaving business and weaving writing, and me with my latest book and talent agency) that we tend to work seven days a week. With no computers or Internet access, we just enjoyed the surroundings and waited for that wolf or coyote we knew would cross the meadow behind our cabin.

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