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The big difference between conservatives and liberals

One of the big differences between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives continually try to come up with new regulations to go after classes of people they despise. When was the last time a liberal did that?
Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted that he intended to ban transgender people from the military (a move he thinks will free up money to pay for the wall he promised that Mexico would pay for). Then, in today’s Missoulian newspaper, I read that Montana’s Republican Attorney General, Tim Fox, has approved the Montana Family Foundation’s ballot initiative that would “let people sue for emotional or mental distress if they spot a transgender person using a public bathroom that doesn’t correspond to their gender at birth.”
Donald Trump has exposed the deplorable side of Republicans and conservatives. If large numbers of conservatives spoke out against their tribe’s hateful thinking, I could be forgiving, but the vast majority goose step right behind him.
Perhaps liberals need a ballot initiative that would allow us to sue for emotional or mental distress every time these fuckers do something to satiate their appetite for hate. Hell, liberals should be able to sue every time we encounter one of these hatemongers in the restroom—for they are the ones who are truly repulsive.

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