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Trump voters Make America Vulnerable Again

What is the biggest surprise of Donald Trump’s presidency? Not the bigotry, the hatred, the incompetence, the instability, or the Russian connections. Before the election, all of that was on full display for Americans to see. Except, of course, for the 63 million clueless people who couldn’t tell fact from fiction, and therefore voted for their favorite reality TV star.

No, the biggest surprise is that terrorists have yet to hit one of the many Trump properties worldwide. Because the properties are spread out in numerous countries, they are easy targets. Two or three hits and no one would dare visit or rent anything with the name Trump on it. Insurance companies would flee as well.

And then what would Trump do? Sure, Americans have paid a fortune and looked the other way, as our military essentially became a private security force for greedy oil companies, but what if Trump ordered our military to become a private security force for Trump properties? Are we to look the other way again?

In voting for their favorite reality TV star, Trump voters couldn’t think beyond their hatred. Perhaps we will get lucky and Trump will make it through his presidency without massive attacks on his properties and the mental meltdown that will follow, but just the fact that our country has been put into such an exposed position is a tragedy.

Yes, Trump voters and their celebrity president most certainly did “Make America Vulnerable Again!”

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