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Perhaps the Russians do have that Trump tape

Now that Donald Trump has given classified information to the Russians, I have to ask all the people who shouted “lock her up,” why aren’t you now shouting “lock him up”? Sure, as president, Trump legally and instantly declassified the information the moment he spilled the beans. But if you add that to Trump’s botched Yemen Raid (his Benghazi) and his countless other displays of incompetence and disregard for America, it’s like comparing Clinton’s jaywalking to Jeffrey Dahmer’s Jay-eating, and Steve-eating, and Tony-eating, and Curtis-eating and . . . Could Republicans be any more hypocritical?

Other than the fact that he hasn’t yet started World War III, Trump has managed to be as horrible a president as sane people feared he would be. I avoid conspiracy theories, but the one that the Russians have a golden shower tape of Trump is looking less and less far-fetched every day.

Trump has a meeting in the White House, where only the Russian press is allowed; he gives classified information to the Russians; he fires the FBI director who is investigating his Russian collusion. It all points to a spectacular golden shower, in a Russian hotel, where Trump most definitely swallowed!

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