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Donald Trump likely to pull a Sarah Palin

Anyone who has their hopes up that Donald Trump’s recent unhinged and unethical behavior will lead to his being removed from office is in for a disappointment. That’s because Republicans in Congress are simply incapable of putting country before party.

Trump could grab Angela Merkel by the pussy and give Vladimir Putin an apartment in the West Wing of the White House and the Republicans wouldn’t care.

In fact, Senator Mitch McConnell would spin the events in a press conference by saying this: “Chancellor Merkel needed an emergency hip adjustment, and we were just lucky that our huge-handed president was there to help. As for Putin, first the Democrats complain that the White House isn’t being used enough; now they complain that it’s being used too much. There’s no pleasing them! Having Putin living in the White House will save Americans millions in long distance phone charges.”

Far more likely than Trump being forced out of office is that he pulls a Sarah Palin and quits halfway through his term. His resignation speech will start like this: “My presidency has been huuuge! I have accomplished more in my two years in office than any president has accomplished in eight years. I’ve been so great and done so much that there is nothing left for me to do. . . .”

Making billions as a real estate developer is easy, as the main qualification for the job is a willingness to screw people over. Being president—even a bad one—is hard work, and Trump is too incompetent and too lazy for the job. He hates being president.

So rather than pinning our hopes on Congress finding a conscience and putting country before party, we’re much better off continually reminding Trump why he hates his job. Every single day, we need to make his political life miserable. We can’t let up!

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