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Trump and the Republicans are using Christianity to kill

Let’s see, so far the Trump and Republican agenda includes massively increasing our military spending (so they can kill more people), gutting the EPA and environmental regulations (so the rich can get richer, while killing more people), making it as difficult as possible for women to have an abortion (so those women can die the old fashion way, via a coat hanger), making health care more expensive (because having compassion for those without a high-paying job is for wimps), creating massive tax cuts for the rich (millionaires and billionaires can never have too much money), and putting a bimbo in charge of education (keeping the populous dumb makes them easier to control).

Trump and the Republicans do this, of course, while proclaiming their Christianity—proving once and for all that if you manipulate religion correctly, you can get millions of believers to follow, vote, and cheer for you while doing the exact opposite of what their religious text states.

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