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Nature’s spectacles endangered by Donald Trump

Marty’s photo of the day #2129: Yesterday Deb and I drove 200 miles north to Freezout Lake (near Fairfield, Montana). The lake is a major migration stop for swans and snow geese, as they work their way north. Approximately 3,000 swans and 20,000 snow geese were at the lake when we were there. That seems like a lot, but if you hit it right, you can see 10,000 swans and 300,000 snow geese all at once. I think we’re going to start going every year until we time it properly. And, I hate to be negative, but if you enjoy nature’s amazing spectacles, see them now. Because Donald Trump and Republican politicians are too greedy and too shallow to enjoy nature’s wonders, nature is going to take a massive hit in the coming years.

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