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Bad Feet in Borneo

Marty’s photo of the day #2140: Yesterday, I posted an underwater photo of an octopus, sitting on my feet, and wrote: “When I was a kid and got my first camera, I took a bunch of photos of my feet. My dad thought that was horrible, and threatened to take my camera away. If he only knew what I was practicing for!”

That got me thinking about this photo of Deb’s and my feet from Borneo—taken on the evening after we had pushed ourselves harder than we had ever pushed ourselves before. We were backpacking with the Iban tribe, in a remote mountain region. While inside a steep, narrow canyon, an incredible downpour hit, and we had to race to the bottom before a flash flood washed us away. Deb broke a toe as she ran, and I ended up with a bunch of blisters.

This photo doesn’t properly show the sorry condition of our feet, but if wild adventures appeal to you, you can read all about this one in my first book, “Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents.”

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