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Women: Don’t Have Sex With Republican Men!

Women: Only you can save America!

In a single week: On a national level, Republicans stood up for your freedom to be killed, by making it easier for the severely mentally ill to buy guns. On a state level, Montana Republicans stood up for your freedom to be killed, by voting down a bill that would have made it illegal to text and drive. And now, just to make sure everyone understands that they are the freedom to be killed party, Montana Republicans are working on a bill that would make it a felony for you to have an abortion—for any reason—after 23 weeks. Yes, even if you are about to die, doctors would—under threat of prosecution—have to induce labor, or deliver the fetus via cesarean section, and then do everything possible to save the fetus once it was removed. Other Republican legislatures, nationwide, are busy with similar bills.

Yes women, Republicans have made it quite clear that they value your life less than what is technically a parasite! You can end this madness once and for all. Don’t have sex with any Republican man until he swears in writing, on a photo of Lorena Bobbitt, that he will never, ever vote Republican again. And if he refuses, tell him to GFHS!

Any man that would vote for a party that values texting, guns, and parasites more than you is only interested in his own pleasure anyway. You can do it! And if you need help to get you through, you can find plenty of items more satisfying than a Republican lover on

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