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We must all be there to call bullshit!

We should not be at all surprised that Republicans in Congress have once again put party before country—this time to ignore the gross incompetence, childishness, and treasonous behavior of Donald Trump and his administration. Quite literally, there is nothing these sorry excuses for human beings won’t do if it gives them power.

As Republican Senator Rand Paul said yesterday, “I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party.”

But here’s the thing: It is 100 percent certain that sooner or later Trump’s incompetence and dishonesty will cause such backlash that Republicans—both politicians and voters—will try to disown President Putin Puppet. At that time, they will say that Trump was “really just a Democrat,” or that they were one of the Republicans that “spoke against Trump from the beginning.” And when that happens, we must all be there to call bullshit!

Trump is a Republican, with the full support of the GOP establishment and its voters. If us liberals have to live through the hell of Trump now, the Republicans must have to live through the hell of Trump for the rest of their lives. He’s their creation. They own him forever!

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