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My new book will be . . .

Isn’t it a beautiful day to be alive? I say that, of course, because Donald Trump has been president for six days, and so far, he’s opted for killing us slowly, instead of trying out his nuclear codes. For me, writing my new novel has been a great way to escape the reality of a presidency that has been worse than expected. I’m so involved with my characters and their adventures that they are real to me as I write. I have no idea what they are going to do until I start typing. My book will be snarky and political and fit into the science fiction category—or as Kellyanne Conway would say, it will be “alternative fact.”

There are just three years, eleven months, twenty-four days, eight hours, and thirty-one minutes until Donald Trump becomes a private citizen and has to watch the biggest Inauguration Day crowd in American history.

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