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Funnier than the Sunday Comics (if it doesn’t make you depressed first)

On Sunday morning, I expect the newspaper comics to make me laugh, but this morning, by far the funniest thing I read was the first paragraph of an NBC News article:

“Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald Trump, said the White House press secretary gave ‘alternative facts’ when he inaccurately described the inauguration crowd as ‘the largest ever’ during his first appearance before the press this weekend.”

Not only is it pathetic and unprofessional that the President of the United States has such a fragile ego that he and his press secretary feel it necessary to dispute the small Inauguration crowd, but now we have an administration that uses the phrase “alternative facts.”

For years, liberals have been saying that conservatives live in an alternate reality. Now even they admit it, using their own term, “alternative facts.” Or to put it another way: Now no one in America will ever have to lie again—we’ll just use alternative facts!

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