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Putin’s little-handed brother

Marty Essen

There are lots of things about Republicans that are grossly hypocritical, like claiming to be Christian and then voting for Donald Trump—the exact kind of person Jesus preached against. But today I’m shaking my head at a majority of Republicans not having a problem with the Trump-Putin bromance and easily dismissing the CIA and FBI’s determination that Vladimir Putin directly interfered with America’s election.

It has long been established that most Republicans don’t know the difference between socialism and communism. Had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee, Republicans would have tarred and feathered him as an old school communist.

Even though Russia is no longer a communist country, Putin was previously a member of the Communist Party, and he now rules a lot like a dictator. So to any Republicans reading this, tell me: Why is Bernie Sander’s socialism so un-American and Trump becoming Putin’s little-handed brother something you “patriots” don’t have a problem with?

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