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How to make a Republican lie

Want to demonstrate how easy it is to make a Republican lie? The next time you have a conversation with a Republican, accuse the GOP and GOP voters of being “anti-environment.”

The Republican will respond with a close variation of this: “That’s not true! Republicans want clean air and clean water, just like you do.” Of course, the Republican saying that just lied.

Sure, finding a Republican who would publicly admit to liking pollution, animal extinctions, and scarred public lands would be virtually impossible. Yet that is what they vote for every election. And this current batch of Republicans—from Donald Trump on down—are poised to be the biggest anti-environmentalists in American history.

And it’s not just the Republican politicians. It’s everyday Republicans as well. For example, President Obama just protected critical ecosystems in Nevada and Utah, by declaring them national monuments. Find any on-line news story about our president’s action, and read the comments below. What you will see are countless Republicans calling Obama and Democrats every name in the book, including their all-time favorite “libtard.” What you won’t see are thoughtful comments such as, “I’m a Republican, so I don’t often agree with Obama, but in this case he did the right thing. It’s important to protect special places for future generations.”

So Republicans—I know it’s embarrassing, but just admit it: You don’t give a rat’s ass about the environment, and you couldn’t care less that your children and grandchildren will suffer because you and the politicians you support value money over all else. At least if you came clean about your gross character flaw, you wouldn’t be as disingenuous on this issue as you are on so many others.

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