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Dog and human heaven

Marty’s photo of the day #2040: Yesterday I wrote about the two beach dogs we befriended earlier this month in Mexico. Both Chaco (next to Deb) and Toby (next to me) were rescued from unfortunate situations when they were pups. They were brought to the remote place we stayed at, and they now enjoy happy, healthy lives. Still, it must be hard for the dogs to make friends with people, only to have those same people leave a week later.

I became so attached to both dogs—especially Toby—that it was heart wrenching for me to leave at the end of our stay. And the dogs—who obviously knew the routine—showed their depression by curling up into tight balls and resisting our final goodbyes. Now I want to go back just for the dogs.

But during our week together we were best friends and had an amazing time! Both Chaco and Toby would wait impatiently at the door of our yurt an hour before sunrise, and the three of us would head out on a first-light hike into the Baja Peninsula desert. Then, once Deb woke up, we’d go on another adventure. It was dog and human heaven!

In this photo, we hiked to the top of a hill. This is a volcanic area, so all the rocks you see came from volcanic eruptions. In the background is the Sea of Cortez. Getting a good picture with the two very active dogs was impossible. My camera can take 10 auto-timed photos in rapid sequence. We took 20 total photos, and when I look at them now, one after another, on my computer, it’s hilarious—like a flip book, with the dogs moving all over the place.

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