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Martyman gets locked up—in 2018!


I rarely re-read novels, but I’m doing that with one of my all-time favorite novels, “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Martyman was reading over my shoulder, so I commented to him, “It’s really too bad we can’t time travel. We could check in with America two years from now and see how we’re surviving the Trump presidency.”

“Speak for yourself, mate!” Martyman said in the Australian accent he’s been using since the election. “Us superhero action figures can do anything.” Then, switching to a deep Austrian accent, he said, “I’ll be back!” and disappeared.

Moments later, this photo—sent from the future—appeared on my laptop. Apparently, Martyman landed on the White House lawn, the day after Thanksgiving 2018. The KKK and NRA were holding their annual joint “White Friday sheet and Uzi sale.”

Shocked by the scene, Martyman blurted out the first thing that came to his mind: “Those sheets and assault rifles are great micro-phallic compensation tools! But do you really think they’re enough?”

Martyman was quickly arrested and locked-up in a time travel proof cage.

Fortunately, there are now two Martymen in the same time period. Martyman 2018 is working on a plan to help Martyman 2016 escape. The other big White Friday event is a Civil War reenactment in front of the Lincoln Memorial (I wonder who wins this time?). Martyman 2018 is confident he can use the distraction to breakout Martyman 2016, and send our hero back to his proper time.

I’ll report back as this story develops.

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