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Trump the whiner

Marty Essen

Despite having Fox News, hundreds of AM radio stations, and countless right wing “news” sites, for years conservatives have whined about the “biased media.” Donald Trump, of course, has taken the art of conservative whining to a whole new level.

According to Crybaby Trump, the media are conspiring against him to “rig the election.” In reality, no politician in history has ever benefited more from free media coverage than he has. Just ask all of his primary opponents! But the media has no obligation to put a positive spin on bigotry, misogyny, or ignorance.

In fact, if anyone has a right to complain about the media, it’s the liberals, as the legitimate media have gone out of their way to give small negatives about Hillary Clinton false equivalence to the giant negatives about Donald Trump. A case and point is Hillary’s email problem (which in the history of politics was a minor screw-up, yet it continues to make the news on a daily basis) versus yesterday’s Trump hateful act, which is forgotten as soon as today’s Trump hateful act comes to light.

One thing is for sure: with this election the GOP has lost any claim it had to moral authority or being the party of personal responsibility. Their champion is someone who has never advanced beyond being the school yard bully. He’s the little tyrant who ran home crying the first time someone stood up to him.

That Donald Trump will lose the election shows that Americans are indeed advancing in a more enlightened direction. That millions of people will buy into Trump’s whines and actually vote for the man shows that we still have a long ways to go.

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