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Naomi Grossman meets Traciana Graves


Marty’s photo of the day #1926: I just love this picture! Those of you who follow my posts know me for my books, college shows, and snarky political rants. But I also enjoy being the person in the background, representing other performers. Years ago I ran a talent management agency that represented a large number of acts; now I prefer to stay small and selective. In this photo, you are looking at the entire roster of Encante Entertainment, Inc., other than myself. We are all here at the APCA college conference in Chicago. About forty colleges are also here for two days of showcases (and partying).

On the left is Naomi Grossman from Hollywood (Pepper from the TV series American Horror Story), and on the right is Traciana Graves from New York City (an incredible civility speaker and a former backup vocalist for Céline Dion). Naomi and Traciana had never met before yesterday, but the two really hit it off.

Unfortunately for me, yesterday was a day of brain farts, as I called Naomi “Traciana” and Traciana “Naomi” at least twice. They, of course, responded by giving me shit, and telling me they understood, because “they looked so much alike.” I then told them that I forgot my wife, Deb’s, name on our first date, and they had mercy on me. What can I say? Names aren’t my strong suit.

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