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Hot tub Martyman


Marty’s photo of the day #1919: I had a great time performing my show at Western Washington University last night. Since it was a late night show, I headed straight for my hotel room afterwards. The room was a deluxe suite, with a hot tub, and since it had only a single king bed, Martyman volunteered to sleep in the tub (that’s when I took this picture).

I should have known better! I quickly fell asleep, but at four in the morning a wave of water splashed me awake. I turned on the light to find that Martyman had some friends in the tub with him. Three to be exact: Nurse Barbie, Stripper Barbie, and S&M Barbie. I didn’t even know Mattel made the last two!

Soon there was a knock at the door, and Melania Trump Barbie walked in. I turned to Martyman and asked, “Why Melania Trump Barbie? You already have Stripper Barbie. Isn’t inviting Melania Trump Barbie just a bit redundant?”

Martyman grinned sheepishly, “Yes, I suppose. But Melania keeps complaining about the Donald Ken Doll’s tiny hands. He then winked at me and said, “It’s my duty, as an American.”

What could I say with logic like that? “I’m going back to bed. Just keep the splashing to a minimum and clean up afterwards. We have to get up by seven to catch our flight home.”

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