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Who is really the most interesting?

1 Martyman JGS

Marty’s photos of the day #1893-A: This morning, I have two more photos from Deb’s and my Rock and Roll Road Trip, both taken yesterday evening.

Photo #1: Last night Deb and I took Martyman to a nice Mexican restaurant outside of Salt Lake City. Martyman quickly downed a Corona and then two Dos Equis beers. It doesn’t take much for Martyman to get hammered, and soon he was announcing to everyone in the restaurant that he, not Jonathan Goldsmith, was the “Most interesting man in the world.” If you saw last night’s photo, you know that he face-planted in his beer mug. This morning’s photo completes the story, as it turned out that Jonathan Goldsmith walked into the restaurant, agreed that Martyman was, indeed, much more interesting than he was, and the two of them posed for what is obviously, “The most interesting photo in the world!”

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