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Watch out for that cow!


From our Rock and Roll Road Trip: This morning Deb and I visited the Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area near Salt Lake City. We were walking down a narrow dirt road, with a variety of tall wetland plants on either side. We had the place to ourselves. Or so we thought!

Soon we heard a four-wheeler coming down one of the tracks that intersected the road we were on. Running in front of him were two cows. The cows turned and ran in our direction, and the two of us backed off as far as we could. I’m thinking, “The cows should run right past us.” But as soon as one gets 15 feet from me, she turns and charges! I dove backwards off the road and ended up on my back, down a small hill—totally engulfed in the plant life. I braced myself for the weight of the cow to come down upon me, but fortunately the cow didn’t pursue.

I escaped with a few scrapes and a twisted back, but all in all I’m in good shape. The farmer on the four-wheeler was quite apologetic. He had no reason to be, however, as he was just herding the two escaped cows out of the refuge and because of the tall plants and trees had no idea Deb and I were in the way.

I’m really glad the charge happened where it did, as just a few feet away was a ditch filled with deep, algae-covered water. Had I landed there, all of my camera gear would have been ruined.

I took this photo shortly after the cow adventure. We were hiking by a stream and spotted this pelican before she spotted us. She drifted by, finally saw us, and took off into the air!

Deb and I are now at our hotel and are getting cleaned up before the rock and roll portion of our road trip. It’s going to be a beautiful night to see Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, and Heart outdoors at the USANA Amphitheatre!

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