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Our secret spot, pt 2

1 Secret Spot 2

Marty’s photo of the day #1886: Last Monday, I wrote about a secret spot Deb and I had found, just five miles from our house. Yesterday, Deb and I returned to the same area with wine and dinner.

Just as we were leaving our house, the wind changed, bringing in forest fire smoke from Idaho. We thought it might ruin our hike, but our house is at 4000 feet and our secret spot is at 5400 feet and above all the smoke. After hiking in for an hour, we found the perfect rocky outcrop, overlooking the Bitterroot Valley and had a delightful meal.

Just like last time, we had the mountain to ourselves—no people and all sorts of interesting rock formations to explore. We looked down and tried to find our house, but it was hidden in the trees. I’m sure if we stand in just the right spot, we will eventually find it. That, however, will have to wait for another time. We hiked back out and made it home just before sunset.

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