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Road Trip!

Martyman Road Trip

Marty’s photo of the day #1891: Road trip! Deb and I are on our way to Salt Lake City (eight hours south of us). Planning this trip started spontaneously. Having spent many years as both a radio DJ and a music talent manager, I have been lucky in that I’ve seen every musical act on my bucket list, except Joan Jett, Garbage, and Goldfrapp. As for Joan Jett, I’ve wanted to see her ever since I was in high school and likely the only person in Duluth who owned all three albums from her first band, The Runaways (they were very obscure then).

Anyway, back in late May, Deb and I were playing Mexican Train on the front porch, listening to Joan Jett. I suggested, just for the hell of it, that we check the Internet to see if Joan was on tour. Thirty minutes later we had tickets to see her outdoors, in Salt Lake City! Additionally, Heart and Cheap Trick are on the same bill—as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “Three for All.” I’m ambivalent about seeing Cheap Trick, but I saw Heart in the late 1970s and look forward to seeing them again.

In addition to the concert, we plan to visit the Craters of The Moon National Monument, Antelope Island, and a bird sanctuary. And yes, Martyman is coming with us.

If you saw Thursday’s post, you know that Martyman wanted to drive. Unfortunately for him, his five-inch legs kept us from moving, as they couldn’t reach the gas pedal. What you see in this picture is our compromise: Martyman, riding half-out of our moonroof. And you know as soon as anyone notices him, he’ll start re-creating famous movies scenes, such as Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in the Titanic, and Drew Barrymore in Mad Love. It’s so embarrassing. He’s already started shouting, “I’m the king of the world!”

I’ll report more on our road trip, if we make it through Darby. And that’s a big “if”, as Martyman has threatened to give the finger to Larry Rose (the town marshal, famous for giving a speeding ticket to David Letterman) as we drive by either him or his “hidden” cameras.

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