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Political Scrabble

Martyman Scrabble

Marty’s photo of the day #1885: If you follow my posts, you know that Deb and I are political junkies. You also know that during the summer we dedicate one night each weekend to a game of Mexican Train (a dominoes game) or Scrabble outdoors, on our porch.
Even though we often talk politics, the outdoor season of Mexican Train/Scrabble is the one time we forget about what’s happening in the world and just enjoy some friendly competition and good music. That is, unless Martyman plays with us.
Last night, reluctantly, we let Martyman crash our party. Since everything I do, Martyman does to the extreme, you can see what happened to our game. Even worse, Martyman is a cheat! Look at his tile rail. He’s only supposed to have seven tiles, but somehow he pilfered two extras. No wonder he always wins.


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