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MSNBC: It’s okay to cheer for the home team

 Bill Clinton

Marty’s photo of the day #1861: I absolutely loved Bill Clinton’s speech last night! It was funny and full of great personal stories. I especially loved the story about Hillary on her knees, lining Chelsea’s dresser drawers with paper, when they dropped her off at her college dorm for the first time—and Chelsea telling her parents they needed to leave.

On my shit list is MSNBC’s coverage of both conventions. It’s like they have gone out of their way to prove to the world that they are even more than fair and balanced. Last week, after Rudy Giuliani gave a speech that was one of the most hate-filled displays I’d ever seen, Chris Matthews fawned over Giuliani, claiming he was such “an admired person” No! Giuliani is an awful human being, only admired by connoisseurs of loathing and fear. He’s a man whose face isn’t worthy of getting in the way of my spit.

Then, last night, the MSNBC commentators panned Bill Clinton’s speech as being “all about him.” Did they even watch the same speech I did? Every single story Bill told revolved around Hillary—as they should have!

Come on MSNBC! You don’t need to be the exact opposite of Fox News, but you do need to remember that you are supposed to be the liberal network. It’s okay to cheer for the home team a bit.

(I took today’s photo when Bill Clinton campaigned for Hillary in 2008. One of his stops was Stevensville, Montana, twenty minutes from my house.)

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